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We are sad to announce that Mary’s Place Cafe is currently CLOSED.


Cafe Menu

Gluten free options are also available

Served until 11.45am

Mary’s Place Full Breakfast

1 sausage, 2 bacon, tinned tomatoes or baked beans, hash brown or fried bread, choice of egg, white or brown toast.

Mini Mary’s Place Breakfast

2 bacon, choice of egg, tinned tomatoes or baked beans, white or brown toast.

Vegetarian Breakfast (V)

1 vegi sausage, half fresh tomato, baked beans, mushrooms, 2 hash browns or 2 fried bread, choice of egg, white or brown toast.

Hot Breakfast Roll/Baguette

Grilled Bacon
Local made pork sausage
Sausage & grilled bacon
Fried egg

With dressed salad, crisps and homemade coleslaw

Sandwiches & Baguettes

Mixed Salad (v)
Egg Mayonnaise (v)
Cheddar Cheese (v)
Tuna Mayonnaise
Home Baked Ham
Sweet Chilli Chicken (warm)
Coronation Chicken
Fish Fingers
Classic BLT
Prawn Marie Rose
Chicken & Grilled Bacon

Toasted Sandwiches & Panini

Grated Cheddar Cheese
Cheese & Tomato
Cheese & Red Onion
Brie & Cranberry
Cheese & Sauted Mushroom
Stilton & Red Onion
Homebaked Ham & Tomato
Cheese & Ham (or Bacon)
Tuna & Cheese
Brie & Bacon
Bacon & Cheese
Sausage & Pickle

Hot Meals

Battered haddock, chips & peas
Breaded plaice, chips & peas
2 fish cakes, chips & peas
2 local pork sausages, egg & chips
Double egg & chips, beans
Home baked ham, egg & chips
Gammon, chips, egg or pineapple

Large Omelette

Saute Mushroom
Fresh tomato
Cheddar Cheese
Home baked ham

Fresh Made Salads

All served with coleslaw & new potatoes

Grated cheddar cheese
4 chicken goujons & sweet chilli sauce
Home baked ham
Tuna mayonnaise or plain
Prawn Marie Rose or plain

Toast & Things

Toasted tea cake & butter
Slice white/brown toast & butter
Baked beans on toast
Fried, scrambled or poached eggs on toast

Chips & Things

Buttered Chip Cob
Chip Bowl
Chips & Cheese
Chips with Cheese & Beans

For Smaller Appetites

1 slice cheese on toast, dressed salad
Choice of egg on 1 toast
Baked beans on 1 toast
1 fried egg & chips
3 fish fingers, chips, beans or peas
3 chicken goujons, chips, beans or peas
1 sausage, chips, beans or peas
1 fish cake, chips, beans or peas

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